Who’s That Girl?

Over 55, disabled, still alive. Post brain damaged writer published essays, articles and poetry. My work has been used in dramatic theatrical productions. After an early stroke I refocused my energies into art and rehabbing furniture, rooms and eventually my home! Varied employment from executive secretary, language instructor, waitress, tourism and my favorite being a Governess. My past is a crazy quilt that bears sharing. My first hand experience of extreme medical damage, an endangered childhood, and an early married life as an object of abuse must be shared. I hope to inform and encourage rather than mourn. I have survived and thrived against staggering obstacles. These obstacles and how I both face and use them are my story. Surviving cancer last year helped me crystalize a plan for my life which has been admittedly curtailed by the Pandemic so I will find other ways to do this! I want to support those who have been abused as children, as women in relationships with obligations, and as an eventually overweight woman whose options decreased as size increased. The prejudice of the world is heaped upon overweight people. I made a commitment to help those who may be in the depth of those trials by calling to them from the other side of those hells to come into their own freedom and personal power.